29 September 2008

Woollie  - Cute!

Saw this over on Herzenart's blog...had to share - it is just too cute. I love Lizette Greco's creations - they are just so clever....and this made me smile a lot!


amy said...

this is just so adorable!

Candice said...

I hope you don't mind me linking to you from cjane, I also hope this is the first time I am contacting you, it is hard to keep track! I am trying to let people know about threads of love, a nie project I am starting, check it out at www.quilt4nie.blogspot.com or on her benefit blog. Thanks! Love, Candice

Lee Murray said...

Dear Di,

I'm Lee Murray, a third year student in Innovative Product Design at Dundee University,
currently researching the subject of creating bespoke digital objects through the use of craft.

Since you are a very active in the field of knitting and craft in general, I am wondering
if you would be willing to assist me with my research?

I would be very grateful if you would be able to offer me an insight into the field of craft
by completing a small activity pack. If you agree I would aim to send you the pack early
next week.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me as I would be more than
happy to answer them.

Thanks for your time and I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Lee Murray

e-mail: l.v.murray@dundee.ac.uk
tel: 07778565638