08 August 2008

Woollie Ravelympics

The real Olympics have started! The Ravelympics have also started!! Today we Ravelympians gathered at Laurence's place to watch the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics and to cast on our Ravelry projects - between us we had a competitor in the Baby Dressage, 2 competing for the Shawl Relay and another in the Scarf Stroke! We were joined in spirit by our friend in Australia competing in the Mitten Medlay and the Scarf Stroke - those Aussies do always enjoy their swimming!!

Prior to our events starting (at the start of the Opening Ceremony) we had our equipment ready:

And all our supplies:

As the countdown to the start, we had our needles and yarn in hand ready to start casting on the second the ceremony started.

There was a mixed number of stitches to cast on - between 3 and 187! We toasted the start with a kir royale and then we knitted and chatted and ate our way through the ceremony - all 4 hours of it! But it was spectacular!!

By the end of the ceremony we had all made considerable progress. There had been a little frogging (by Louise) and unfortunately Laurence was not happy with the length of her shawl so will be frogging and starting again!!

Now all we have to do is complete our projects before the end of the closing ceremony!


amy said...

amazing! this is such fun!

and i LOVE the Olympics! i get all chocked up at the opening ceremony...!

Manoute said...

Wow Diane, that was fast!

Manoute said...

Thanks for coming, it was good fun!

Karen S said...

Cool opening-ceremony-cast-on-party, looks so fun!!!
What will you be knitting away at?

Good luck

Claudia said...

That is so funny...Ravelympics! You girls are so good and fast...wow, I'm very impress (and a little jealous!). I'm so "not there" lately that I didn't even know that the Olympics have started!!!I think that I will turn on the TV this week ;) Take care xox

Bethany Hissong said...

That looks like SO much fun!!! I wish I could have joined you :)

Anne said...

What a fun way to watch the Olympics!

LizzieJane said...

What a fun knitting party, you will have to do it again for the closing ceremony.

Jade said...

I wish I could be there.... (sigh)