22 June 2008

Summer Loving Photo Week - Day 5

I am a little late with day 5 of the Summer Loving Photo Week (but it is still the same week so I guess I am ok!) organised by Green Jello! 

My final thoughts of summer relate to long long nights! These two photos were taken on the 20th of June - almost the longest day here in the northern hemisphere - my parents front garden, the first taken at 930pm and the second at 1030pm. 

It always amazes me that it can be so light in the evenings, you'd think after all these years I would be used to it!


Bethany Hissong said...

I was thinking the same thing this evening as we took the dog for a walk. I got back and it was almost 9pm and still light!l That's why I'm staying up way too late!

Uschi said...

...used to it??
Every year after months of leaflessness I'm absolutely amazed when the first tiny green tips are to be seen. Pure release!