19 June 2008

Summer Loving Photo Week Day 3

Ok, it's day 4 but day 3 was busy busy and I was knackered...... between 1pm to 6pm on Tuesday and 10am to 230pm on Wednesday I was interviewing. We managed to interview 11 people and had to chose 2 to offer jobs to. It was hard. Then last night I went running - second time this week and it felt good. 

So, here it is, my third photo for Green Jello's Summer Loving Photo Week....a summer barbecue! Nothing better than being out of doors, the smell of sausages cooking on the BBQ, enjoying the sun.

Wait, did I say sun??? Plan a BBQ in Scotland and it's bound to rain. I remember one particularly soggy BBQ where we all had to wear bin liners to try to keep dry, build a shelter for the BBQ to enable us to cook and then eat the food sitting in the car!!

Ok this was a BBQ disaster but after a little dusting down the food tasted good!


j said...

sure- give the cook an umbrella. that works.

if you wait until everything's perfect, you'll never do anything.

hope you have a relaxing day after that stressful one at work

Ali said...

Oops - the last BBQ I went to was cooked inside the garage. That's our kind of summers I guess!

Lina said...

OOpps. We have a gas BBQ here because it's so blimmin' hot in the summer that you really don't want to be turning your oven on. Having said that it's been decidedly cold this week!

t said...

It's easier to laugh about these kind of things in summer!

Bethany Hissong said...

This just reminded me of my brother-in-law's story of how when he was little his ice-cream fell off his cone... his mom picked it up, wiped off the side that touched the ground and made him eat it!!!! ugh. But who wants to waste good food?? ;)