17 February 2008


Nothing of note to blog about today so it's going to just be a random selection of bletherings from me!

The week passed quickly, lots to do at work and lots of play. I went to a baby shower on Tuesday, knitting group on Wednesday, where we had our first male knitter and where the weekly schedule on the notice board has the knitting group listed as the "new world terror threat" - now that one really made me laugh!!

Friday I went to see Juno at the cinema - it was a great film definitely worth watching and Ellen Page was stunning as Juno. The music wasn't half bad either and on Saturday I wandered into town to buy the soundtrack - it is every bit as sweet and funny as the film - and the fact that it has 2 tracks by one of my favourite bands Belle and Sebastian makes it all the better - you can hear Piazza New York Catcher here! Their wistful sound suited the film perfectly as did the tunes from The Moldy Peaches.

Saturday evening I went to Glasgow to go out to dinner with friends (oh and to try on a bridesmaid's dress - I'm going to be a bridesmaid again in August - 6th time!) We haven't been out in Glasgow in a long time - I studied in Glasgow for 5 years but slowly over time everyone seemed to migrate to Edinburgh so nights out in Glasgow are quite rare! 

Check out this article about Greg Mortensen and his charities Pennies for Peace and CAI which build schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan - truly inspirational.
And to end the weekend, here are some of the marvellous sunrises and sunsets that I have been lucky enough to see recently (including tonight when the sky was the most amazing shade of yellow!)

1. Sunrise Dundee - the view from my window (but maybe not for much longer!)

2. Sunset tonight - one with flash, other without

3. Sunset Berlin

4. Sunrise - My window again

5. Sunset - The Tay Bridge


Eva said...

sounds like a nice week/weekend but what do you mean not much lonnger?? are you moving? x eva

Bethany Hissong said...

Now I want to see Juno!!! It does look good-- I like several of the actors in it! Your sunsets are always so pretty...and sunrises... do you ever sleep?!!!

Jade said...

Loved Juno! And you are right, the soundtrack is great.

I've got my sister in law's wedding in two weeks so I'll be in the dress too!

j said...

you're going to move? can you take that window with you? ;)

wonderful photos. sunset on the bridge is just beautiful.

Claudia said...

A male knitter...never happened to me before. I tried to force my husband to come with me to a craft group but the look that he gave me simply said...you are joking right!!!

amy said...

loved juno, and the soundtrack is ALWAYS playing in the house. I love it!

Charlie P said...

Heh heh- I've just downloaded the Juno soundtrack after seeing the film twice. It is great, isn't it? It's a nice change from the usual polished, shiny, cheesy teen films.

Loved reading about your wanderings in Berlin. It sounds like you had a great time (and I learned some things I didn't know before...which is embarrassing because I study German!)

Heidijayhawk said...

i most certainly love your ramblings my dear! and that knitting group rocks!