29 February 2008

Milan - Saturday

I always love to visit supermarkets or outdoor markets whenever I go abroad, think of me in Rome, taking one photograph of the colosseum and 15 of fruit and vegetables in the Campo di Fiori market. So on Saturday morning I asked Anne and Silvio if they would take me to the supermarket - and what a supermarket - fresh fish galore, fresh pasta, hundreds of types of cheese and cooked meats - oh and all the things you find in the UK too!

I bought some mortadella, a salami, taleggio cheese, smoked scarmozza cheese, some grappa.....and just took in all the beautiful food!

After lunch we went into Milan and walked around the Quadrilatero - home to the most amazing array of designer stores and the beautiful people!

We then went to Brera for "un aperitivo" - a typically Italian activity - drinks and snacks before dinner. Many of the bars lay on a wide array of snacks, all free, when you buy a drink. The bar we went to had a great selection of food - stuffed breads, veggie sticks, mini pizza - I know that I really shouldn't have eaten so much before going for dinner!!

Where else in the world could there be an enormous statue of a lipstick and a giant sewing needle - representative of Milan's status as fashion capital of Italy! I also loved the innovative shopping baskets in the supermarket - on wheels with long handles so you can pull them around like a pet dog behind you!

New Camera

I forgot to tell you that I had a new camera - at Christmas I managed to break the screen on my Canon Powershot - to be honest, even though I had only had the camera 8 months, I was quite glad to have an excuse to buy a new one - screens not being covered by any warranty.

What did I buy? A camera that I have already fallen in love with - a Panasonic TZ3 - fantastic build - metal body, not plastic like the Canon, a huge screen, a Leica lens and most importantly a 10x optical zoom!! Here's an example of that zoom in action - 2 photos taken from the same spot of the Castello Sforzesco. 

It also has settings for taking pictures by candlelight and I love the way the candles in the duomo came out!  All in all, I would highly recommend this cute little compact camera!!


nicolle said...

Wow I am sooo jealous! I still have never been to Europe period so your posts just taunt me.

amy said...

my parents still live in verona (where i grew up) and every time i leave nyc to go to italy and visit, going to the market is my favorite activity. I LOVE IT!!!

Karen S said...

Congrats with your new camera, I can understand why you love it (... now to find an excuse of my own...)

I have always loved food markets and enjoy spending time just walking around and looking and smelling (and preferably also tasting) ;-) But it mostly happens when I'm abroad too.

Claudia said...

I also love markets when I'm on vacation. I planned the trip for maybe a few days and then after I look at markets, food "boutique" and restaurants web pages for weeks (need all the info before the trip). Food is very important...especially if it is nicely put on a market table! How did you break you camera screen (I have a canon powershot that I carry around in an old mitten)?
Have a good weekend :)

syko kajsa said...

Thanks for sharing! It sounds like a wonderful trip! That sewing needle is very impressive. And all that food. p.s. we have those shopping baskets in one of the supermarkets we go to here as well :)

Anne said...

What a nice camera, but I think you could use anything since you have such a good eye for what makes a lovely photo.

Bethany Hissong said...

Wow! I am laughing because i have a Canon Powershot and HATE it!!! I even broke the screen on the back, but it isn't bad enough to convince my husband that it should be replaced!!!! I love these photos... aw Italy. What's not to love!!!

Louise said...

I LOVE scamorza! yumeee! That candle picture is great, very atmospheric.

Jane said...

Mmmmm smoked scamorza! One of my favourite bits when visiting Milan was the supermarket. Amazing produce! Great pics Diane.