22 January 2008


t's great to see so many "winter" shots - thanks to Shari's photo week. I have participated in a number of photo weeks before, some based on colour, some on specific items each day of the week, such as your feet, or your lunch - I enjoy doing these - sometimes using photos from my archives and other times taking new photos particularly for the occasion.

I love this photo - it was taken last January in Baxter Park in Dundee, the one day that we had a lot of snow (living right on the coast it doesn't happen very often) but the park was magical that day, filled with the hollers of children sledging down the slopes, snowballs flying and trees bowing under the snow!

Here are some of the other places you can go to see the "winter" photos:


j said...

yes, a great photo. love the spots of color and love the little guy

syko kajsa said...

I hope we will get some snow again, it all melted and it's been raining since. The last two days have been colder so I have hope. I love the little girl on your picture!

Nikkita said...

That's a great picture. So very winter and fun. I love sledding. Is that a weeping willow?

Bethany Hissong said...

I love the composition of this! And the red sled, hat and coat... emphasizing the main subject. Very pretty!