06 January 2008


The Christmas holidays passed in a blur - friends and family, food and fun! I can't believe how quickly it all went (and how slowly the first 2 days back at work were!)

At New Year, I went with friends, to visit friends in Bath and the small village of Weston-in-Gordano, close to Bristol in SW England. There were 14 of us staying in our friend's cottage - 2 in the living room, 4 in each of the 3 bedrooms - it was cosy and fun! Our hosts deserve a medal for putting up with us all (10 adults and 2 children descending on you for 2 days takes some preparation!)

We ate, walked, talked, played in the Wii and had a party for New Year in the local village hall. A huge buffet dinner (and more alcohol than we really needed), a quiz, space hopper racing, some Scottish ceilidh dancing and general mayhem!
I also spent a day in Bath visiting my friend Mariana - a Georgian City, with some amazing architecture - the Circus, the Royal Crescent, Pultney Bridge, Bath Abbey etc.

Bath was founded in 860BC and home to the Romans from 200BC to 400AD and a visit to their baths is definitely a must, construction of the current Abbey started in 1499 and was completed in 1611 (after being destroyed in 1539) and the famous Georgian terraces and crescents were built between 1750 and 1775. It was designated as a UN World Heritage Site in 1987. A whole lot of history in one place!

There were some of the most amazing Christmas wreaths adorning the regal doors of the Georgian terraces - I couldn't stop taking photos of wreaths! (I did also somehow manage to break the screen on my 6 month old digital camera so will need to purchase a new one - any tips for a new compact digital camera appreciated!!)

Next time I will definitely need to visit the new Thermae Spa completed in 2006 and the only place you can take to the waters as the Romans did in Bath over 2000 years ago!

Can you see the angels climbing towards heaven on the front of Bath Abbey? I also loved the old sign for a "Brush Manufactory" on one of the buildings.


Anonymous said...

It looks as though you and your beautiful friends had plenty fun! Happy 2008! Zeb

Monkee Maker said...

I love the picture of the space-hopper racers! And the montage of Bath is beautiful.

You sure do get around .... if I'd known you were virtually passing the door I'd have invited you round for a muffin (or two) ....


dizzyjadey said...

What a lovely time you had! And those photos are fab. The angels and the different wreaths on the doors are just beautiful. You've given me ideas for the next holiday season.

Ali said...

I love Bath too. Hubby and I usually manage a child free couple of days there each year.

You look like some hard core space hopper jockeys!

weirdbunny said...

Hope it's okay, I'm going to put your blog on my side bar under knitting? Thanks Julia

Bethany Hissong said...

It all sounds like so much fun! And I did the same thing to my camera, though it just put a black triangle on the left corner of the screen, so I continue to use mine! Your photos didn't all come up for me so I will try to pull up your blog again!

Jade said...

Oh how I love Bath!!! Been there a couple of times and simply love the architecture. Just a beautiful place!

Tangara said...

Hi Di! can I get a copy of the group pic? ta. mxx