13 December 2007


I've managed to get my Christmas tree and decorations up! I bought a 4 foot tree, about 3 foot of lovely round bushiness and 1 foot of long spindly branch! But my little felt star looks good way up there! I've gone with a slightly Swedish red and white colour scheme but I haven't managed to take a photo of the tree yet that wasn't blurry! Perhaps tomorrow!

I have got a picture of santa and his helper sheep (with the little santa hat my mum knitted for the sheep) and my angel that have all taken up residence on my mantel piece.

I also managed to buy some clementines this week that make me feel all Christmassy! We always get a clementine or satsuma in the toe of our Christmas stocking and these ones with their leaves still on are just perfect for it - they taste pretty great too!!


Manoute said...

Hi Di! I am looking forward to see your Christmas tree. See you tomorrow.

chik austin said...

Everyone is talking about clementines these days! I need to get to the market and pick some up. Can't wait to see your tree, I'm sure it's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Sooo gorgeous!!! Your tree sounds wonderful! We'll hopefully get one this weekend my decoration box is waiting to be emptied out.
Yummy clementines!

Kate said...

Love the Santa and his little sheep helper!

Bethany Hissong said...

I have been in a red & white decorating mood this year too! And we always got an orange or tangerine in our stocking on Christmas. I did see clementines in the store, so after seeing your pretty bowl, I think I will get some too! I love your little sheep and his hat ;)

Sal said...

Love the sheep in his santa hat! It is wierdly difficult to photo. your tree so it looks as nice as it does in reality - I'm having the same problem (as well as trying to take the pic when the nice pinky lights flick on!)