20 November 2007


I have been wandering for the weekend and I am sure that I can get at least a couple of posts out of it!!

I went to London to visit my friends Julia and Garry and to see their new house (OK - they've lived there for 18 months but I hadn't been to see them there yet!) They had also got tickets to go and see the spectacular
Arcade Fire at Alexandra Palace! What more invitation did I need!

So after giving a presentation to a bunch of planning students in Edinburgh on Friday afternoon I headed to the airport for my flight to Heathrow. We flew in over the city centre, the view from the window was spectacular. I love to fly at night looking at the cities sparkling below, their lights like spiders webs spreading out across the darkness. But flying low over the centre of London was something else, seeing the London Eye, the changing neon signs of Piccadilly Circus, the red lights of the National Film Theatre and the Oxo Tower, Tower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament at such close range was beautiful!

Julia & Garry met me at the airport and we went to their place - wow is all I can say! They have made a beautiful job of decorating their 3-storey home! I'll be posting about it soon, but Saturday first.

We had a lazy morning and then headed to the Kings Road in Kensington for lunch in The Trafalgar, a nice pub on the Kings Road where I had a fantastic spinach and lentil burger, followed by a wander along the Kings Road. It is full of fabulous design/homewares shops such as Heals, Habitat, Designers Guild, Osborne & Little and Graham & Green, to name but a few. It was great to see such a range of fabrics and furnishings, giving plenty of ideas!! I must admit it was great to be in a global city, watching the world go by and feeling the buzz!

We then wandered to the Southbank to go for a drink in the National Film Theatre, this area has been totally revitalised in recent years with the opening of the Tate Modern, the Millennium Bridge, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and once again, at night the lights made the scene even more enticing!


amy sahba said...

oh, you really made me miss my old home town... glad you had fun!

dizzyjadey said...

I must put King's Road on my must visit list, next time I'm in London. I was only there for three days the last time...I didn't even get to Liberty, cos I wasn't into crafting back then. But I did go to both Tate's.

j said...

oh, love the sidewalk at night--that's great.

the mural, in the upper right, is sweet. very crisp style.

I love flying at night, too. sounds like a wonderful time. :)

chik austin said...

I've been to London several times and love it. Except for the exchange rate. ;)

Thanks for sharing your stories and bringing back the memories. Can't wait to see more pictures and hear your stories.

Bethany Hissong said...

You do the most interesting trips!!! I love the red double-decker bus! Someday I will come your way for a vacation...someday!

pebbledash said...

Love those pics - takes me back to when I lived in London, seems like another lifetime! Thank you too, for leaving a little message on my blog! Diana x

Mirre said...

Luck you!
London is lovely!

Uschi said...

Hi Di,
I see you managed the mosaic! Great!!
And sometimes...sometimes...I'll visit London, too!
Sounds like you had a fabulous visit :)