02 July 2007


This time I can actually write about a "Woollie Wandering" as I went to the Lake District with my parents for a few days and then went to Woolfest with some friends from knitting group (and my mum!)

The Lake District is one of my favourite places - beautiful scenery, wonderful colours in the landscape - so many shades of green that it is hard to imagine - and lovely towns and villages. We always rent the same cottage and for my science buddies out there I attach a photo of the plaque above the door! OK Blogger seems to have taken a dislike to the photo so I'll tell you what it said

"John Dalton - the Discoverer of the Atomic Theory was born here Sept 5 1766. Died at Manchester July 27 1884"

From the visitors book we could see that a number of members of the Royal Society of Chemistry had visited on the 7th of June to award a national recognition plaque for the cottage to commemorate the work of John Dalton who revolutionised chemistry through his work on atomic theory. You can read about it here!! When he died 40000 people lined the streets of Manchester for his funeral procession!

En famille I visited a number of beautiful lakes, valleys and waterfalls around the area - with my brother, father and I regularly stopping to take the same photos - it must have been quite a funny sight!! We drove the Honister Pass, visited Borrowdale where I'm sure hobbits must live, saw the wild ponies at Mungrisdale and the towns of Keswick and Cockermouth.

On Thursday afternoon I helped my friends from Twist Fibre Craft to set up their stall for Woolfest which was great fun - putting a multitude of coloured roving on the shelves, hanging the signs etc. I don't think I would be too biased in saying that they probably had the best stall there!!

Friday my mum and I went to Woolfest in the morning for a wander around and it was just an amazing feeling to see all the fibre and yarn and to be surrounded by an amazing amount of creativity!! Obviously all too much for my mum who retired to the first aid tent feeling faint!! You'll be pleased to know that she recovered!! I didn't buy very much that morning - I was too busy taking it all in, but by the Saturday morning when I met up with my friends from knitting group I managed to part with my money more readily!!

As well as wool by the ball, there was also wool in its natural state - Herdwicks and Manx Longhorns:


dizzyjadey said...

Those different colour wool felts are yummy looking!

Kate said...

I feel faint just looking at the pictures! Gorgeous wool and colours.

Poshyarns said...

What a wonderful woolie wandering, those felts are particularly catching my eye too, such gorgeous colours.

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my socks, I was very much a one sock girl until I discovered this gorgeous yarn, I have finished the red pair already and cast on some gorgeous hot pink stuff!

Eva said...

Look like a great trip once again! and nice to see peter spinning :-) one year, I'll have to make it over

Corrie said...

oh wow look at all the goodness in there! i love those little knitted knickers too! how cute....wish the woolfest would come down south to australia

Karen S said...

Amazing pictures of wool in different states... I would have loved being there, but as I didn't have the opportunity, I shall enjoy your account instead.
What did you buy?

Love Honor Disobey said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog (hugs).
Wow...oh my God...a woolfest. I wish I could have been there...I love those wooly knickers (hopefully not made out of itchy wool). Look at that sweet smug little (left pic right side) sheep...she's saying 'hehehe, I made that stuff'
Great blog by the way! xxx