13 July 2007


This is the start of a new weekly series on my blog (at least it gives me something to talk about every week) - craft items, lovingly made by creative people, that have taken up residence in my home.

I see other people who often post "corners" of their home, but I only have a one bedroom flat - so not so many corners, and also not a lot of storage so my "corners" are usually full of clutter!! I plan to post a piece a week, if I have any info on it's maker I will post that too and also how it came to be in my possesion! If any one else wants to share craft pieces in their home then let me know so I can pop over and take a look! Or perhaps when I run out of my own (it won't take that long) I can guest post someone else's favourite piece!!

NO. 1 - Little Woollie Horse!

This little woollie horse was made by Pear Tree Studio out of a recycled sweater and purchased in 2005 at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Annual Fair! Based at Lake Sunapee, I visited the fair when I was on holiday at my aunt's home in Eastman, New Hampshire. I made sure I extended my stay long enough to ensure I could pay a visit and I was not disappointed
- so many inspiring crafts in one place.

What I love about the horse is it's woollie mane and the beautiful little carrot!

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Karen S said...

Wauw, I love that little horse. It's very cute...