15 July 2007


Summer pastimes!! Yes I said summer - it almost felt like it this weekend! Yesterday was an all time favourite past-time - berry picking in the almost sunshine! Cairnie Farm is an all time favourite berry farm and despite the weather the strawberries and the raspberries were delicious (oops - are you not supposed to taste them when picking?) A lot of the strawberries had rotted on the bush due to all the recent rain and sometimes when you leant towards the bush, instead of the smell of ripe strawberries there was a distinct whiff of fermenting fruit!! Elsanta is certainly a very sweet variety! After picking berries we had cake and smoothies in the cafe and wandered the farm shop!

Today the sun shone and after a run I came home to make some picnic foods - pasta salad, raspberry smoothies, salsa and hummus - so that I could meet some friends in the park for a picnic - only our second of the year and the first was in April! Weather has been too depressing for picnics! An afternoon in the park with friends is one of the best mood enhancers ever!


syko kajsa said...

Glad to see you've had some nice weather this Summer! It's been as depressing over here! Nice to hear that you enjoy Switzerland too!

melanie said...

I would gladly do a weather exchange with you. Send some coolness my way (Canada) and you can have some of our heat. When it is really hot out the Mister & I just hide away inside until the sun goes down enough not to hurt.

Eva said...

Looks like a great day out once again....and I'm amazed you got to sit so close to the house!! here the weather has been beautiful as well and have been eating lots of strawberries and raspberries as well :-)