30 May 2007


I haven't knitted anything! But I did buy some fabric - I want to make a simple bag with it - does anyone have any ideas of a good pattern? It's made of heavy weight shiny fabric - waterproof, like an oilskin tablecloth. But I just love the design! I have a half metre piece that is 140cm wide so if anyone knows of a fairly simple bag pattern I could make I'd be grateful - please note - I have limited sewing experience and even have difficulty threading up the sewing machine!

In more exciting news - I bought a new digital camera yesterday, it's a Canon Powershot A710 IS - 6 x optical zoom, 7 megapixels, image stabilisation! My old camera (my trusty Pentax Optio 30) has been slowly succumbing over the last few months. I think the Ribena incident may have played a large part in its demise. How likely is it that in putting a small carton of juice in your bag, that
1. You put it in upside down.
2. You have a pen and your camera in the bag.
3. That the pen manages to pierce the little silver bit that the straw goes in - yes that tiny little hole, and
4. Ribena starts dripping down your leg and manages to cover your camera in sticky liquid!

I am looking forward to seeing what my new camera can do!


dizzyjadey said...

Hi Di! That's a beautiful print on that fabric. Whatever pattern you use (maybe just a simple tote?) make sure you've got the correct needle on your sewing machine, probably the next one up from 90/14, otherwise the normal one would just break. You'll have to get heavy duty thread, too. Have fun sewing!

Uschi said...

Hi Di,
it's nice over here on your site. Reminds me, that I never have been to Scotland. And I LIKE wanderings!!! I'm looking forward to learning more about you!!!
Have a lovely day!

Btw.: this camera is GREAT. I've got the A640 and it's got so many possibilities, I love it!!

javede said...

That fabric is just fab!
Here are a few tutorials:

But since it's such a big print an easy tote might look best.

Happy Sewing!

taimarie said...

I love the fabric! I made a bag using tinyhappy's tutorial (the first thing I sewed!) with good luck. http://tinyhappy.typepad.com/tiny_happy/2006/06/shoulder_bag_tu.html. I'm going to make another one for my mom once I find just the right fabric.Colorfool also has a simple tutorial http://www.colorfool.net/category/tutorials/ that might be helpful. Good luck with your camera and your bag!

Kate said...

I second checking the crafster bag tutorials, maybe a tote, if it is a heavy fabric maybe try something with not too many curves. Love the fabric, can't wait to see what you do with it!

tine said...

Love the fabric for the bag, so original and unique to go for that tablecloth fabric, I LOVE it!!! I am sure it will look awesome!!
I've never used a sewing machine in my life, hahaah!

Uschi said...

Hi Di,
me again. Will you please send me your mail-adress!
Tnak you and lots of greetings!

Dawbis said...

i have a question that i would like to ask you. if you could email me (dawbis@gmail.com) that would be great! hugs!

caroline said...

I've been admiring that fabric myself!

I think a simple tote would be great. The first bag I ever made was a simple tote from a Martha Stewart magazine. I could send you a pdf of the pattern if you are interested.