20 May 2007


I haven't really wandered far of late but hey, that's all going to change over the next few weeks!! But until then I thought I could fill you in a little on the town where I live!! Dundee is on the east coast of Scotland at the mouth of the River Tay, about an hour north of Edinburgh. It has the most beautiful location and whilst the city itself is not without it's problems - it sure manages to get a grip on you. Many of my friends who arrived for a couple of years have been trapped within it's black hole (me too of course!!) It was once famous for jute, jam and journalism (home of the Beano and Dennis the Menace and marmalade!) but now more so for biotechnology and computer games. Nearby is the beautiful Tentsmuir Beach, the town of St Andrews with the oldest university in Scotland (opened in 1413!) and the Angus Glens - plenty of places to take part in outdoor activities!

But just to remind you that I live in a city (albeit a small one) here's a picture of my favourite view in the City at the moment - the majestic urban windmills slowly turning and generating green energy for a local factory.

Today I was also taking part in the Race for Life in Camperdown Park - 3500 women running or walking 5km (3.2 miles) to raise money for Cancer Research. Just one of hundreds of Race for Life events across the UK this summer. I ran my 3.2 miles in 28 minutes which I was pleased with!!


Kate said...

I'm very impressed - running is not my thing, but I could change my mind - love the idea of the moonwalk in London.

Andy said...
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Andy said...

I heard that the Dundee planning dept. was not going to allow the wind turbines, until Michelin threatened to close the plant..? Any inside info on this rumour??

taimarie said...

Thanks for the tour of your town. I would love to get to scotland one day. And good job on the run, I've been trying to get out again, but it is always painful to get started after a break (especially if you had a baby during the break!) We have our relay for life this weekend. Maybe I should try running (some of) it?

TopChamp said...

congrats on doing the race for life! My mum's doing it next weekend and is looking for a walking partner, but I don't think I can get down to Milton Keynes cheaply enough at this notice.

I am not a great lover of Dundee but I also have friends who have moved there never to return. Your pictures are great.

Tine said...

Beautiful spot you live in!!!
I'm planning my vacation these days and maybe in September we will come to Scotland finally!! That's the plan for our belated honeymoon ;-) I gotta be careful though because I think I may just want to stay forever...sigh.
Awesome that you are participating in Uschi's project, me too!!