15 April 2007


Finally I have finished the little "denim" trousers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts! I learnt a new technique at knitting group last week that allowed me to finish them - grafting live stitches to finish the waistband and I learnt that it adds elasticity to a waistband - unlike just casting off and sewing the end down - I knew that there had to be a sensible reason for all that trouble and I must admit that I like the way the waistband works! Tonight I have washed them but I am unconvinced that they have shrunk enough! Hope the baby has long legs!!

Pre-wash trousers

I am busy baking another cupcake!


Uncharacteristically Scotland has been experiencing Spring sunshine for almost 2 weeks now! This weekend and last weekend were just spectacular (if you discount the early morning sea haar - fog!) Yesterday I wandered to the fabulous Twist Fibre Craft to go to knitting group and then met some friends and we headed along the river to Elcho Castle to have a picnic for our friend Isabel's birthday! We have to make the most of the 70 degree temperatures (normal temperature for this time of the year is closer to 60) whilst they last! The castle is more of a fortified house but it is impressive - almost every room in the castle has an en-suite toilet - I am sure it was the height of luxury in the 16th century. It was the most beautiful day!

We had some great food - breadsticks wrapped in prosciuttio, mini sausages cooked in honey and sesame seeds, a German carrot cake, pasta salad, rice salad, individual mushroom quiches, tuna and red onion salad, homemade bread, fresh pineapple.....

We explored the castle, sat on the grass watching the swans swimming by and soaking up the sunshine!

Today I wandered as far as my friend's "garden in distress" and spent 3 happy hours hacking, piling, chopping and in general seeing any tensions I had built up during the week disappearing! It is amazing the difference in the garden - the greenhouse is no more, many of the plants have been removed and await burning - soon we will see soil!!

Maybe you can see a difference from my earlier "garden in distress" post!


dizzyjadey said...

I'm sure the baby will grown into them, if the trousers are too long. Love your wanderings...you've got a plum job there!

taimarie said...

The baby pants look great. And I'm glad someone is having good weather! Gardening can be such therapy, it is looking great!

Denise said...

What a great day and a great picnic!!

sal said...

Well done on finishing the trousers, took my mum to twist fibre craft last week - she loved it, dad went to the pub but we were still there when he came back - there is just sooo much to oooh and aaah over there!