28 January 2007

Woolly Wanderings.....

This blog has been a long time in coming (I set it up in September) - call it procrastination, call it laziness, call it whatever.....but I have bitten the bullet and decided to start my blog now - even if I feel I have nothing to say or haven't completed anything creative recently..... or even wandered anywhere far from home.

The aim of this blog..........there isn't one............. but I do hope to keep in touch with friends and perhaps make some new ones and to use it to remind me 2 weeks from now what I did today.

January's news - knitting and wandering.

Knitting - as usual I am busy knitting things for friend's babies or soon to be babies. I gifted a hat to my friend Mariana and another for a colleague's 2 year old daughter. I have as of yet not finished anything else in 2007. I did however attend my first knitting group in our new bookstore - even though they tried to cancel it because the woman setting it up couldn't attend, 10 other intrepid knitters made it past the cancelled sign at the front door to the coffee shop and started knitting and at the end of the evening agreed to meet 2 weeks hence. I helped my friend Isabel cast on her first ever jumper and then shortly after we had to rip it out again as I looked down at my own hands and realised that I was knitting with 2 different sized needles, which meant that Isabel was also knitting with odd needles - so much for trying to help. Finally after casting on 6 times, Isabel managed to start and I am pleased to say that the back as been completed. My local yarn store sold some cards with photos of yarn that I had taken - that was quite exciting.

Wanderings - January has been a quiet month in terms of wanderings.....I made it to Edinburgh to see friends, to St Andrews for a walk on the beach and to my parents house. I am hopeful that this years wanderings may be as exciting as last years - hen weekend in Ayrshire, SW Scotland, Woolfest in the Lake District, visiting friends in Lausanne and Milan twice, a trip to Copenhagen, a friends wedding in Sicily and Christmas shopping in Berlin. Plans this year include Easter in Worcester, a wedding in Burgandy, France in September and a visit to friends in Bath. But it could also include Milan, Stockholm and who knows where else.

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